Product Sheets and Supporting Documents

Whether you’re looking for more in-depth info on SDL products for yourself or want to pass along additional information to your lab managers, buyers, or distribution partners, we’ve got a collection of sell sheets, support documents, and video resources to help make both buying and using our products as easy as possible.

Product Safety Data Sheets
Acid Fast Stain Control Slides
AcriFluor Decolorizer
AcriFluor Stain
AFB Kinyoun Counterstain (Brilliant Green Stain)
AFB Kinyoun Stain
AFB Stain Kinyoun Decolorizer
Aqua-Hold II Pap Pen
Crypto Stain
CryptoKinyoun Decolorizer
CryptosporidiumCounterstain (Brilliant Green Stain)
E.coli JM101
Gram Crystal Violet
Gram’s Decolorizer
Gram’s Safranin
Helminth Ova and Larvae Formalin Suspensions
India Ink
India Ink Capsule Positive Control
India Ink Negative Control
KOH Fungal Control

McFarland Standard Set
Modified Auramine O Decolorizer Quencher
Modified Auramine O Stain
Modified Trichrome Stain
Modified Trichrome Stain Decolorizer
Mucolytic Digesting Agent
MycoPerm BLUE
MycoPerm RED
Mycoprep (Snap n’ Digest)
NOTOXhisto Minus
Nuclear Fast Red Counterstain
Protozoa Formalin Suspensions
Serratia marcescens
Shrink Seals
Slide Fixative
Snap n’ Digest
Snap n’ Stain Iron Capsule #1
Snap n’ Stain Iron Capsule #2
Stainquick Trichrome Decolorizer
Stainquick Trichrome Stain
TB Phosphate Buffer Bottles and Buffer Packets
Trehalose Slides
Trichrome Stain
Xylene Substitute