A close up of some cell colonies in the water
Description Packaging Cat #
Explosion Proof Stool Containers100/pkgCat # 581
  • Open container slowly and safely with specially designed screw-on top
  • Reduce spillage with leak proof container
  • Wide 3.5” mouth with 250ml capacity
A container with a yellow lid and label.

Explosion Proof Stool

Fecal Concentrator Kit1 kit/pkgCat # 641
  • Kit contains: (1) 250ml bottle Parawash; (1) 15ml bottle mucolytic digesting agent; (50) 15ml polypropylene centrifuge tubes; 50 standardized fine mesh filter funnels; 50 tube caps
  • Concentrate intestinal parasites from preserved fecal specimens
  • Uniform filter diameter of 0.9mm allows eggs, larvae, cysts, oocysts, and spores while stopping macroscopic debris
  • Reduce process time
Centrifuge Tube with Cap250/pkgCat # 642
  • For use with Fecal Concentrator Kit
  • 15ml polypropylene centrifuge tubes with caps
A bottle of liquid and two plastic scoops.

Fecal Concentrator Kit

Fine Mesh Filter Funnel250/pkgCat # 643
  • For use with Fecal Concentrator Kit
  • Standardized fine mesh filter funnel
A white plastic cup with a straw in it.

Fine Mesh Filter Funnel

Mucolytic Digesting Agent15ml bottle/pkgCat # 644
  • For use with Fecal Concentrator Kit
  • 15ml bottle
Fecal Parasite Concentrator Closed System100/pkgCat # 6052
  • Safe and affordable 15ml system
  • Minimum of handling and odor for fecal specimen concentration
  • 0.9mm holes in filter allow parasites to pass through but block larger fecal material
  • Package includes 100 preassembled concentrator tubes with strainers, fecal mucolytic agent, dispensing spoons, processing trays, and applicator sticks
  • Screws onto fecal transport vials for a closed system
A plastic tube and straw are next to each other.

Fecal Parasite Concentrator
Closed System

Parasafe1 /pkgCat # 6030
  • 1 kit includes 24 vials; (1) 6.5ml Parasafe Slide Fixative
  • Formalin-free fecal collection and transport liquid with all the effectiveness of more toxic preparations
  • Now 1 vial of Parasafe does the work of 2 vials of formalin and PVA
  • Allows stool fixative for wet mounts and for permanent stains
  • Reduces stool processing time to under one hour
  • No mercury or formaldehyde so allows easier disposal per OSHA requirements
  • Long shelf life
Parasafe & Clean Vial Set1 set/pkgCat # 6031
  • 1 set includes 12 Parasafe vials; 12 empty vials
Parasafe Slide Fixative1 bottle/pkgCat # 6032
  • 6.5ml bottle
  • Parasafe Slide Fixative assists in fixing parasites for staining
A green plastic cap and tube of parasafe

Parasafe vial showing spork

Pinworm Collector25 vials/pkgCat # 582
  • View collection paddle directly on your microscope by simply snapping off top of vial
  • See ova more precisely with this clearer and thinner polystyrene paddle
  • Fewer artifacts because paddle has only one light adhesive side
A container with a plastic tube and a plastic spoon.

Pinworm Collector