Scientific Device Laboratory
Description Packaging Cat #
Acid Fast Stain Control Slide10 slides/pkgCat #350
Acid Fast Stain Control Slide 50 slides/pkgCat #351
  • Simulates clinical sputum smear with appropriate background material in both positive and negative wells
  • Scan quickly with high organism counts on both positive and negative wells
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements with Kinyoun, Modified Auramine O, or other stains
  • Eliminate the need to maintain your own cultures
  • Cost effective compared to alternative brands
Acri-Fluor Stain Set (AFB)
Acri-Fluor Stain Set (AFB)eachCat # 384
  • Fluorescent stain for Acid Fast organisms in tissue and smears
  • Procedure takes less than 20 minutes
  • Detects even single organisms
  • Identify Cryptosporidium or Isospora in stool and Nocardia or Mycobacterium in sputum
  • One kit will do hundreds of assays for a cost effective, non-antibody technique
  • Set includes (1) 125ml bottle stain; (1) 125ml bottle decolorizer
AFB Kinyoun Stain3/pkgCat # 353-A
AFB Kinyoun Decolorizer3/pkgCat # 353-B
AFB Kinyoun Counterstain3/pkgCat # 353-C
  • 250ml bottles
  • Acid-fast procedure to stain Mycobacterium and Nocardia
  • Acid-alcohol decolorizer
  • Brilliant Green counterstain
  • (1) 250ml bottle stain; (1) 250ml bottle decolorizer; (1) 250ml bottle counterstain
  • For staining Mycobacterium, Nocardia, and Cryptosporidium sp.
  • Kinyoun stain (Carbol Fuchsin)
  • Cryptosporidium decolorizer
  • Brilliant Green counterstain
AFB Kinyoun Stain Set1 set/pkgCat # 353

Set includes (1) 250ml bottle stain; (1) 250ml bottle decolorizer

  • (1) 250ml bottle counterstain
Modified Auramine O Set - Small1 set/pkgCat # 345-250
  • (1) 250ml stain; (1) 250ml decolorizer
Modified auramine O Set - Medium1 set/pkgCat # 345-04L
  • (4) 1 liter stain; (4) 1 liter decolorizer
Modified Auramine O Set - Large1 set/pkgCat # 345-20L
  • (1) 20 liter stain; (1) 20 liter decolorizer
  • Fluorescent stain for mycobacteria specimens
  • 2 step procedure takes 2 minutes – eliminates permanganate and saves 30 to 45 min/test
  • Scan quickly on lower power, then confirm
  • See organisms easily with high-contrast fluorescence
  • Reduce non-specific background fluorescence
    • Studies by Johns Hopkins and Loyola Medical Center concluded more cost-effective and efficient for staining mycobacteria as published in Journal of Clinical Microbiology
Snap n’ Digest 75ml10 bottles/pkgCat # 667
Snap n’ Digest 150ml10 bottles/pkgCat # 668
  • The 75ml is one crushable NALC ampoule inside a flexible 4oz bottle with 2oz of alkali solution; 5 phosphate TB Buffer packets
  • The 150ml is two crushable NALC ampoules inside a safety straw inside a flexible 8oz bottle with 4oz of alkali solution; 10 phosphate TB Buffer packets
  • Simple ready-to-mix sputum decontamination / digestion system
  • Compatible with multiple automated TB systems
  • Solution in bottle with unbroken ampoule is stable for 1 year without refrigeration
Sterile Phosphate Buffer 100ml10 bottles/pkgCat # 669-100
Sterile Phosphate Buffer 500ml1 bottle/pkgCat # 669-500
  • For washing sputum after digestion and decontamination
  • Ready-to-use single bottle of sterilized buffer solution
  • Compatible with multiple automated TB systems
  • Save time and money - no weighing, mixing or autoclave time
  • Shelf life one year
Phosphate Buffer Non-Sterile Dry5 packets/pkgCat # 6671
  • Pre-measured 4.8g powder packets
TB Slide72 slides/pkg (2 pkg)Cat # 041-0120
  • Locate smears easily and quickly and train new technicians to locate hard-to-find organisms
  • Non-fluoresing black epoxy mask increases contrast for fluorescent staining
  • 25 x 75 x 1mm thick frosted end with a 21mm well
  • Minimum Order 720 (5 gross)
TB Splash Proof Container Set 500mleachCat #251
TB Splash Proof Container Set 1000mleachCat #252
TB Splash Proof Container Set 1000ml - No RackeachCat #252-997
TB Splash Proof Container Funnel & Stopper Replacement SeteachCat #252-999
  • Containers are made per CDC recommendations, discard contaminated liquid waste safely
  • Container and funnel assembly is autoclavable and reusable
  • 500ml set includes: (2) 500ml containers, 2 funnels, 1 tip proof
    acrylic rack 8.5”H x 3.5”D
  • 1000ml set includes: (2) 1000ml containers, 2 funnels, 1 tip proof acrylic rack 11.5”H x 4”D
  • No rack set includes: (2) 1000ml containers, 2 funnels
  • Stopper replacement set includes: 4 funnels and stoppers