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Description Packaging Cat #
Aqua-Hold 2 Pap PeneachCat # 9804-02
  • Draw easy to see red hydrophobic wells on slides
  • Once dry, the barrier is insoluble in alcohol or acetone
  • Barrier washes off within 30 seconds with xylene or xylene substitutes
  • Each pen holds 13ml of liquid
BioHazard PlacematBioHazard PlacematCat # 9812
  • Secure a safe workspace quickly and easily
  • Disposable, impermeable plastic coated fiber material
CryoCare Bead Storage System
CryoCare Beads - Blue Color50 vials/pkgCat # 110-02
CryoCare Beads - Green Color50 vials/pkgCat # 110-04
CryoCare Beads - Red Color50 vials/pkgCat # 110-01
CryoCare Beads - White Color50 vials/pkgCat # 110-05
CryoCare Beads - Yellow Color50 vials/pkgCat # 110-03
CryoCare Beads - Mixed Color50 vials/pkgCat # 110-06
  • 20-25 beads/vial
  • Store bacteria, fungi, yeasts, QC cultures or culture collections up to 10 years at -70°C; 1-3 years at -10°C
  • Save money by stretching each culture into 15 or more cultures while meeting NCCLS standards
  • Can even store fastidious organisms such as Campylobacter,
    Neisseria, Haemophilus, and Gram negative anaerobes
  • Each vial contains ceramic beads in a broth base
  • To use, heavily inoculate the bead from a fresh, pure culture then freeze. Activate a single bead to yield a pure culture of active organism
Biopsy SpongeBiopsy SpongeCat # 9801
  • Mount specimens easier
  • Fits into most cassettes
  • 1” x 1.25” x 1/8” thick
Explosion Proof Stool Containers100/pkgCat # 581-200
  • Open container slowly and safely with specially designed screw-on top
  • Reduce spillage with leak proof container
  • Wide 3.5” mouth with 250ml capacity
Fecal Concentrator Kit1 kit/pkgCat # 641
  • Kit contains: (1) 250ml bottle Parawash; (1) 15ml bottle mucolytic digesting agent; (50) 15ml polypropylene centrifuge tubes; 50 standardized fine mesh filter funnels; 50 tube caps
  • Concentrate intestinal parasites from preserved fecal specimens
  • Uniform filter diameter of 0.9mm allows eggs, larvae, cysts, oocysts, and spores while stopping macroscopic debris
  • Reduce process time
Centrifuge Tube with Cap250/pkgCat # 642
  • For use with Fecal Concentrator Kit
  • 15ml polypropylene centrifuge tubes with caps
Fine Mesh Filter Funnel250/pkgCat # 643
  • For use with Fecal Concentrator Kit
  • Standardized fine mesh filter funnel
Mucolytic Digesting Agent15ml bottle/pkgCat # 644
  • For use with Fecal Concentrator Kit
  • 15ml bottle
Fecal Parasite Concentrator Closed System100/pkgCat # 6052
  • Safe and affordable 15ml system
  • Minimum of handling and odor for fecal specimen concentration
  • 0.9mm holes in filter allow parasites to pass through but block larger fecal materia
  • Package includes 100 preassembled concentrator tubes with strainers, fecal mucolytic agent, dispensing spoons, processing trays, and applicator sticks
  • Screws onto fecal transport vials for a closed system
Fungi-Tape1 roll/pkgCat # 745
  • Adhesive tape for quickly creating slide mounts of fungi from
    primary cultures
  • Just make a loop and take a sample from your culture
  • Fully compatible with Myco-Perm to create a long lasting coverslip
  • Each roll contains enough tape for approximately 360 coverslips
  • Comes in a dispensing box for easy use
Humidity/Slide Moisture Chamber - CleareachCat # 197-CR
Humidity/Slide Moisture Chamber - BlackeachCat # 197-BL
  • Cost effective desktop humidity chamber
  • Maintain humid environments for immunostaining and diagnostic reactions performed on slides
  • Organize work flow with 10 divided compartments with a lid barrier between each slide
  • Ensure climate control with air-tight heavy-duty polystyrene construction
  • Units are stackable
  • Available in clear or black
ID Disc Butyrate50 discs/pkgCat # 398-9131
ID Disc Oxidase50 discs/pkgCat # 398-0520
ID Disc PYR50 discs/pkgCat # 398-1538
  • For the identification and confirmation of microorganisms
  • Dependable, easy-to-read results
  • Easy-to-use
  • Based on rapid screening methods
  • Reaction time of less than 30 minutes
McFarland Standards Set1 set/pkgCat # 2350
  • 1 each of 5 levels
  • Adjust the turbidity of bacterial suspensions so the number of bacteria will be within a specific range by referencing the McFarland Standards: 0.5,1, 2, 3, 4
McFarland Standards 0.5 1/pkgCat # 2300
  • Minimum order 10
  • Visually compare a suspension of bacteria in sterile saline or nutrient broth to the McFarland Standard recommended. If the bacterial suspension is too turbid, it can be diluted with diluent. If the suspension is not turbid enough, more bacteria may be added.
  • Each tube contains approximately 12ml of suspension
  • Each particle is the size of Escherichia coli
  • 24 month extended shelf life
  • Other concentrations available on request
Mini-Grip-iteachCat # 746
  • Makes quick work of placing coverslips and other small items
  • Easily chemically sanitize tips
  • Ideal for anitbiotic strips
  • Comes with 3 sizes of suction cups
Petri Dish Desk Holder - 4 SectioneachCat # 1814
Petri Dish Storage Turntable - 4 SectioneachCat # 184
  • Each of the sections holds 13 Petri dishes
  • Ideal for separation of cultures from different sources
  • Durable acrylic rack fits conveniently in the corner of an incubator
Shrink Seal400/pkgCat # 261
Shrink Seal(4) 400/pkgCat # 261-CASE-4
  • 92 x 25mm
  • Perfectly seal Petri dishes fast and easily
  • Slip moist band over Petri dish edge and it will quickly dry and shrink to form seal
  • No wrapping of dish required
  • Tight, smooth seal every time with no gaps or ripping
  • Pathogenic microorganisms are safely contained
  • Blocks evaporation during extended incubation of TB & fungal cultures
  • Extends shelf life of sensitive plates
  • Stacking Blocks (sold separately - Cat # 259) allow for multiple plates to dry in limited space
Stacking Block18/pkgCat # 259
  • Allows multiple plates to be stacked when using Shrink Seals
Sterile Slide Frost End 50 slides/pkgCat # 050-S
Sterile Slide White End50 slides/pkgCat # 050-1S
Sterile Slide Yellow End 50 slides/pkgCat # 050-2S
  • In individual envelopes - autoclaved
Forceps Fine-tip Sterile 100/pkgCat # 9005-S
Forceps Fine-tip NON-Sterile50/pkgCat # 9005-50
Forceps Fine-tip NON-Sterile100/pkgCat # 9005-100
  • Maximize time with cost-effective pre-sterilized instruments
  • Enhances ability to pick up and hold small slippery objects
  • Reduce exposure to infectious disease with disposable instruments
  • Grip samples solidly with grooved tips
  • Sturdy 4” long black plastic
  • Individually wrapped sterile packets or non-sterile options available
Forceps Stainless Steel Sterile25/pkgCat # 900
Forceps Stainless Steel Sterile100/pkgCat # 900-100
Forceps Stainless Steel Non-Sterile100/pkgCat # 900-NS
  • Maximize time with cost-effective pre-sterilized instruments
  • Rounded, grooved tip enhances ability to pick up and hold small objects
  • Reduce exposure to infectious disease with disposable instruments
  • Grip samples solidly with grooved tips
  • Sturdy 4.5” long stainless steel
  • Individually wrapped sterile packets or non-sterile options available
Sterile Cutting Board20/pkgCat # 905
  • Disposable
  • Individually wrapped - autoclaved
Sterile Instrument Set12 sets/pkgCat # 903
  • Set contains: 1 forceps stainless steel 11mm; 1 scalpel with rigid
    plastic holder and #11 blade; 1 scissor stainless steel pointed
Sterile Instrument Set w/ Sterile Cutting Board10 sets/pkgCat # 906
  • Set contains: 1 forceps fine-tip; 1 scalpel holder rigid plastic with #11; 1 scissor stainless steel pointed; 1 Cutting board sterile disposable
Sterile Scalpel100/pkgCat # 9003
  • #11 blade
  • Sturdy green plastic handle
  • Individually wrapped
  • Disposable