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Born nearly 40 years ago, Scientific Device Laboratory, or SDL, as it is more commonly known today, resulted from the fusion of the entrepreneurial spirit of Dr. Stewart Lipton, Lab Director at a major Chicago hospital, and the business acumen of his wife, Roberta.

Founded under the simple motto “If we can’t find a way, we will make one”, SDL developed a problem-solving reputation, growing to become a leading source for innovative products to solve the needs of laboratory clinicians and researchers. SDL’s family of bright, creative employees remains committed to meeting the needs of the clinical laboratory, often partnering with individual hospital labs and major university research labs to develop custom products to meet their needs.

Using a science-based approach and an understanding of end user needs, we have expanded our line of unique products to aid clinicians. Our innovative products have allowed SDL to develop global reach as a major, ISO certified manufacturer of products for sample preparation and analysis of mycobacteria such as tuberculosis, manufacturing under our own brand and as an OEM. We are proud to say that our products find their way to market through multiple channels; direct sale, through distribution and under private label via major distributors of products for life science.

SDL has recently expanded our reach to the IVD marketplace as a trusted OEM partner to major, global diagnostic kit and instrumentation companies, using our proprietary processes and materials to manufacture superior glass based diagnostic slides and slide based consumables for widely used clinical diagnostic tests and fertility analysis.

The SDL family is excited about our future as we continue our expansion of products and services to better serve our ever-growing base of customers and partners in the clinical laboratory and clinical diagnostic arenas.

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